* This is a starting price, extra product charges may apply for extra thick or long hair

Prices May Vary From Each Stylist


Accent Foil                                    40

8-12 Foils Strategically Placed around Hairline or Mohawk

Partial High/Lowlight                   80*

Includes 1 high or lowlight color, with foils from top of ears to the front and a shampoo & blowdry

Full High/Lowlight                       105*

Includes 1 high or lowlight color, Full Head of foils with a shampoo and blowdry

Full Balayage                               160*

Hand Painted Pieces throughout entire head for soft sunkissed dimension, shampoo&blowdry

Partial Balayage                          140*

Hand painted pieces around face & crown for soft sunkissed dimension, Shampoo/Blowdry


Color Retouch                                 60*

Includes color application up to 2inches, with shampoo & blowdry

All Over Color                                 80*

Includes color application (up to 3oz) with shampoo& blowdry

Root Smudge                                  40

a service applied to the root to achieve a soft, lived-in color

Gloss/Tone                                     60*

Includes 1 Demi-permanent Color with Shampoo and Color

Color Correction            Upon Consult

Consult Required

Haircuts & Styling

Haircut w/No Shampoo                30*

Includes Consultation & Dry Cut

Haircut w/Blowdry/Style              40*

Includes Shampoo, Blowdry and Haircut

Mens Haircut                                 20*

Includes Shampoo & Cut

Childs Haircut                                16*

Includes Dry Cut (12 and under)

Shampoo/Style                             30*                       

Includes a shampoo/blowout 

Shampoo/Curls/Straighten          35*

Includes Shampoo, Blowout and Curls

Special Ocassion

Formal Style                                 65*

This can be for any formal occasion,this does not include a shampoo

Bridal Style                                   75*

For a Bride on their Special Day, this does not include a shampoo

Airbrush Makeup                          65

Includes a beautiful Flawless coverage while keeping a natural finish for any occasion

Bridal Makeup                               75

A beautiful flawless coverage while keeping a natural finish for your special day

Add-On Haircut                               25

Add-On Services

Olaplex Treatment                          20

This is a Add-On haircut to a chemical service

this service can be added on to any service

Gloss/Toner                                     20

This service is to help tone already prelightened hair and can added onto any blonding service

Root Smudge                                   20

This service can be added to any blonding services to add depth at the root for a natural growout

Color Lock-In Smooth                    40

This service can be added on to any service for added color protection, smoothing and humidity barrier

Malibu Crystal Gel                          25

This service will prepare your hair for any chemical services, while removing major mineral buildup

Malibu Blondes                               25

This service will brighten your blonde and restore vibrant shine while infusing moisture


Tape In Extensions                 Consult

Includes full head Install of 100% Real Hair, Take Home Shampoo & Conditioner

Extension Re-Install                    125*

Includes Extension Removal and re-install, Clarifying Shampoo & Blow Dry Style

Extension Removal (Tape)           75*

Includes extension removal with Clarifying Shampoo and Blow Dry Style

Chemical Services

Keratin Treatment                     200*

Includes Smoothing Treatment, with Blowout

Perm/Cut/Style                          115*

Includes Perm Rod of your Choice with the help of your stylist, also style & Cut